Penny was always in contact with me when needed.  I work full time and am not able to get to the school to meet the teachers but feel they’ve done an outstanding job making us feel welcomed and well informed.

Colleen B.


I can’t say enough GREAT stuff about NCP.  the teachers; Teacher Penny & Teacher Sheila have been wonderful for my children.  They have been very instrumental in preparing my children for kindergarten.  With only one year there, they have learned so much, from learning the alphabet, playing with others, being kind to one another… The teachers did so in such a fun kid friendly way.  Both are so very patient and very easy to communicate with.  I feel like both boys have blossomed into fine young men with the help of the NCP program.

The newsletters where awesome communication tools, along with the homework for responsibility was great. The added activity pages Teacher Penny would send home with helpful hints-loved that too!  Your program just flowed so nicely and I couldn’t be happier- will definitely recommend the program to anyone I meet needing preschool.

Megan P.

I love New Creations Preschool. My son attended this year for the first time, and I was amazed at how much the teachers take time to work with each individual student. The teachers have all been there years, which is important to create a stable environment. He learned so much, loved attending (and was sad when it wasn’t a preschool day), and he was surrounded by a caring, Christian environment. The preschool space is the perfect size, and the play yard is a big bonus when it is nice out. Like the kids chant when they line up, “New Creations is the best!”

I feel this program has helped prepare my daughter for kindergarten and helped her gain self confidence.

Jane D

All four of our children attended New Creations Preschool, and each of them grew socially, emotionally, spiritually, and academically, as a result of their preschool experience. We appreciate New Creations because of the loving teachers, Christian focus, and play-based program.

Rebecca C

I love New Creations Preschool!  Both of our children went there and received a solid beginning to their education. I love that it is a play based preschool and mixed age group learning. The children are learning without even realizing it! The teachers are loving individuals that really care about the students. There is a great routine the kids do every day when they are in class, and I love that they wash their hands when they come in and before and after snack time! I can’t say enough positive things about this preschool!

Dawn L

I am thrilled that New Creations is the place our twins began their “formal education”. As a stay at home mom, I wasn’t sure I wanted to put them in preschool, but this was the perfect step before kindergarten. Lots of love, a little discipline, plenty of playtime, creative projects, encouragement…time to be a child! You have dedicated teachers and great program!

Beth B

We are so happy we found New Creations Preschool for our son!  The teachers are caring, very organized, create a wonderful learning experience each and every school day for the students, and are excellent with communicating to parents through weekly newsletters, emails, phone conferences, and just everyday talk at drop off and pick up. We feel that our son is getting a lot of readiness for kindergarten, which was very important to us when looking at preschools. One of the best things we have noticed since starting at New Creations is that our son is also learning a lot more about sharing, caring, and manners. We are very happy with everything about New Creations and are looking forward to sending our younger son there as well!

Jean D

We are more than pleased to see how much our son has grown, both socially and scholastically, since joining New Creations. His interactions with fellow students and the adult staff has been a positive experience all around, all of which are based on Faith, responsibility and caring for one another. Over the course of the last year and a half, we have been treated to wonderful stories, songs and anecdotes that our child brings home from school. The weekly handouts provided by Teacher Penny help to keep us as parents “in the loop”, and aids in our interaction with our child and the lessons taught at the preschool. We look forward to enrolling our two younger children at New Creations because we are assured that they will receive quality teaching, and strong moral lessons at each class.

Faye L

We have chosen to send our 5 kids to New Creations Preschool because the teachers are the best! They encourage your child to learn through play and center based theory. My kids have thrived and have learned not only the things they need for Kindergarten, but how to play with others and make friends. Thank you New Creations for helping to make kids who they are today

Kelly A