Learning to read begins before children start school. From the time they are infants, children learn language and other important skills that will help them learn to read.  Developing early literacy skills makes it easier for children to learn to read once they begin school. Epworth Church would like you to join us for Sprouts, a creative way to work on reading skills, building
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Baking Soda and Vinegar

Today the children enjoyed a wonderful hand’s on learning activity; mixing baking soda and vinegar.   They each received a bowl of baking soda, cup of vinegar and an eye dropper.  As they put the vinegar into the baking soda they saw things erupt, much like a volcano! What type of learning was going on during this activity? Language as they explained what they
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Join Us April 10 for a Free Olaf Storytime PJ Party!

New Creations Preschool is excited to invite you to an Olaf Storytime on Friday, April 10 from 6:30-7:30 pm! This fun free event will help us to celebrate The Week of The Young Child. At this fun pajama party, kids will get to meet Olaf, take photos with him, and join him in a Freeze Dance. Kids will enjoy cookies and water with everyone’s favorite
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Open House and Juggling Show

Join us Saturday February 7th 11:00 a.m. to Noon for this exciting event!   View our preschool classroom Meet our experienced teachers Day of Open House registration fee will be $50 which is 1/2 off our normal $100 price Enjoy a Brian Rohde Juggling Show with juggling lessons for the little ones after the show  

Extremely Cold Temps

Due to a second day of extremely cold temperatures New Creations Preschool will be closed Thursday January 8th. What a wonderful opportunity for some fun family time, baking, reading or anything your family enjoys doing together.  

Cold Day

Due to the extremely cold weather today, Wednesday January 7th, there is not be school today. Take advantage of the time to snuggle up with your little ones and read some books!

Open House and Juggling Show

11 am to noon come join us and   Enjoy a juggling show with juggling lessons for the little ones to follow! View the classroom and meet our teachers. Everyone registering for preschool on this day will receive 1/2 off our normal $100 registration fee.

New Beginnings

As I prepare for our Open House tonight many thoughts come to my mind.  Tonight the children will meet their classmates and the parents will meet other parents in the program.  Sometimes there are pleasant surprises as families see families they already know, making for an easy transition into the school year.  Other times parents see their child hold back and observe this  child
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Preschoolers preparing for kindergarten

Parents are looking for a preschool that will help prepare their child for kindergarten. So what exactly should they be looking for? Yes preschoolers should be learning their ABC’s and 123’s. Can they learn this in a fun and exciting way or do they have to sit at a table filling out worksheets all morning long? Most preschoolers are very active and social so
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On Monday the class had a lesson on rain. The children had a visual as the clouds became heavy with water the rain began to fall.