Preschoolers preparing for kindergarten

Parents are looking for a preschool that will help prepare their child for kindergarten. So what exactly should they be looking for?

Yes preschoolers should be learning their ABC’s and 123’s. Can they learn this in a fun and exciting way or do they have to sit at a table filling out worksheets all morning long? Most preschoolers are very active and social so learning while moving and interacting with others is the natural way for them to learn. Developing those small motor skills while building with legos, stringing beads and drawing pictures is the first step toward writing. What better way to learn both their upper and lower case letters then while playing a matching game with their friends! As a child learns teachers will encourage them to the next step building their self confidence and their natural love for learning.

Dramatic Play is this just fun or learning experience as well? Young children are observing and taking in everything around them to help them process what they have seen and heard they will act these things out. Doing so in a safe environment with their friends and teachers to help guide them is one of the most wonderful learning experiences they can have and they don’t even know they are learning!

These are just a few of the things you will see happening a a preschool classroom. Is this enough to prepare these children for kindergarten? Why not join us Tuesday August 5th as we hear from representatives from both U-46 and 301 school districts as they let us know what is expected when entering kindergarten!

We are very excited to have this event at New Creations Preschool.

August 5th
7:00-8:00 pm
Free Child Care!
Open to the public ABC tree


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