New Beginnings

HeartAs I prepare for our Open House tonight many thoughts come to my mind.  Tonight the children will meet their classmates and the parents will meet other parents in the program.  Sometimes there are pleasant surprises as families see families they already know, making for an easy transition into the school year.  Other times parents see their child hold back and observe this  child checks things out and decides where they will fit in during this new experience in their young life, they will find their fit and enjoy this school year!   Then you have the child that comes into the classroom and joins right in making friends right away.  All these reactions are wonderful as God made each of us differently, that’s what makes life exciting!

This also is one reason Teacher Tiffany and I love our jobs so much, each child is God’s unique creation and needs their very own approach to learning.  Each child has their own personality. needs and wants.  Teacher Tiffany and I will take the time to get to know each child giving them the best we have to give during this school year to prepare them for kindergarten and life.

We are looking forward to an awesome year at New Creations Preschool!

By the way there are two spots left for this school year, will your child be one of the lucky ones to get one of these spots?



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