I Am A Child

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with that in mind I would like to share this poem by Marge Hampton. There is a line in it about being a friend to all and celebrating our differences. Teaching our children to care for others is the best thing we can teach them!

I Am A Child

I am a child…small, dependent, vulnerable, but full of wonder and curiosity about myself and God’s world.

I am a child of God…help me to know him.

I’m eager to learn so show me the wonders of God each day.

I want to feel secure so provide for me those things I need so I will develop trust.

I am full of imagination…give me opportunities to explore, create, and pretend.

I want to be a friend to all, so show me how to care and celebrate our differences.

I believe in the magic of life…nurture it in me as it may be the beginning of a thought that will benefit all people.

I believe in YOU…my nurturer, my caregiver…my “Caretaker of Wonder!”

Here I am Lord!

By Marge Hampton



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