Extending stories into art work

                                  Pink pigs 2        pink pigs 1

The class saw The Three Little Pigs film strip on Monday which extended into some of the children’s art on Wednesday!   You see two examples of houses here one with sticks and straw the other three houses but they both have the same idea!  They started with 3 pink pigs and remembering what they saw on Monday added what they thought would illustrate The Three Little Pigs story!

You can extend learning at home in the same way.  Some children do not like to write but maybe willing to draw a picture of a story they just heard or a movie they may have seen!  You could extend this even further by asking them what they think would happen next in the story as you write down their words.  They may then draw a picture to go along with this story!

Have fun and use those awesome imaginations!


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