The Legend Of The Candy Cane

We think of the candy cane as a candy Santa gives out to children when they come to see him. The candy cane was meant to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. We would like to share the Legend Of The Candy Cane with all of you. When you finish reading this you will think differently about the candy cane:

There was a candy maker who wanted to make a Christmas candy that would symbolize his belief in Christ and the glory of Christmas. He created the candy can for the following reasons:

Hard candy: To remind us that Jesus is like a “rock” strong and dependable.

Pure and white candy: To represent the sinless and pure nature of Jesus.

The shape of the candy: The letter “J” to represent the name Jesus, who came on earth as our precious Savior. If the stick is turned upside down it represents the staff of our “Good Shepherd” who comforts and guides us, like a shepherd with his sheep.

Peppermint flavor: To symbolize the gift of spices from the wise men.

One large red stripe: To remind us of God’s great love.

Three smaller, red stripes: To remind us of the suffering pain, and bloodshed of Christ on the cross so we could have the promise of eternal life.
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