Preparing for that first day of preschool

FullSizeRender (30)The school year begins soon! We are so excited for classes to start. The first day of school this year is Tuesday, September 7.

Preparing for that important first day of preschool

Here are a few tips to make that first day a little easier on everyone involved.

Let your child know their teacher’s name.   Your child’s teacher is Miss Tiffany.  It may help to check out the Meet Our Teachers page on our website with your child. Not only will you see what your teacher looks like, but you will learn a little about her as well.

Come to the Open House Night. This is a great way to prepare your child for school.  The
students will meet their classmates and you will meet parents you can connect with during the school year. After the Open House, take time to talk to your child about things they enjoyed in the classroom and friends that they met, giving them something to look forward to that first day of school.

Plan your morning routine. Children have a sense of security if they know what will happen next, so take some time to think about what your morning routine will be like before arriving at school. What will your child do first—bath time or breakfast? Practice that routine for a few weeks before school so your child will be comfortable with it and ready to walk in the classroom door.

Talk to your child about what they will do in school. During your child’s first few weeks of school they will be getting to know each other, the daily routine, and classroom rules. We love playing name games to get to know each other’s names. One of our favorites goes like this:
Name, names are not the same
stand up and tell us your name! (We clap along while saying this)

Children love the few minutes of attention this brings to them. The children will be learning how to pour their own juice, as well as passing cups and napkins around the table. They will learn where to put their art projects when finished with them. Learning to work as a team and sharing will be going on all year, which is something they will use through out their lives what a great way to start their education! Talk to your child about these things ahead of time, which will help them to be secure, knowing what to expect!

Still looking for a preschool? New Creations still have openings!Enroll your child now to ensure they can be there to enjoy the first day of school!


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