Let’s Have a Tea Party for “T” Week

At New Creations Preschool, we provide a focused, fun way for your child to grasp the letters of the alphabet. Each week of the school year, we focus on one letter, creating a theme through rhyme, song, stories and games, art projects, station creative play, and even snacktime. We also provide optional homework lessons to give you a chance to work with your child at home if you wish. The “Letter of the week” introduces, reinforces, and helps your child master letter concepts and sounds, preparing them to read and succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

This week was “T” week. As is tradition, we celebrate by having a Tea Party, complete with a miniature set of tea cups, plates, and pots. This year, the Tuesday/Thursday class even got to decorate cookies to take home! A big “Thank you” with a capital “T” to all the parents who helped to plan the Tea Parties. Happy “T” week, everyone!


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