Learning with Blocks!

Blocks are a very important part of a preschooler’s learning experience, which we encourage here at New Creations Preschool. There have been times when parents have showed concern because their child spends more time in the block area then in the art or writing areas of the room. However, block play is a great way to develop imagination, knowledge, and math concepts.

We love the way Community Playthings put it: “Because there is no “correct” use of blocks, children have no fear of failure. Imagination guides their play, and each experiment encourages the next. While observing block play, adults can almost hear a child’s thoughts! Block play allows children to represent ideas in concrete ways – preparing their minds for more abstract forms of symbolism, such as written language. Block play supports knowledge and understanding of the world as children create miniature environments and experiment with concepts like design, symmetry and balance. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright attributed his success to an early love of block play.”

Unit Blocks turned 100 this month. Happy birthday Unit Blocks!


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