Firefighter Visit! Learning about fire gear and checking out the truck!

At New Creations, during the year we have “in-house” field trips, where the kids get the chance to meet some people from the community. A few times a year, the Gail Borden Library Readership comes, and the kids get to hear stories and songs from an expert storyteller. And just this past week, firefighters came to visit!

It was a cold day, so it was a little chilly when the kids had the chance to check out the fire engine, but we had fun. The children checked out the truck, and then watched the firefighter put on his gear and even had the chance to see how it feels as well. This is exciting for the kids, but also very important—the students now know what the firefighters look like during a fire, so if they ever are in a burning building they know what help looks like!

The students were also told it was important to establish a family meeting place in case of a fire. Students were asked to figure out a spot with their families to meet—so parents, if your kids are asking you, help pick a good place near your home.


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