Class Photos at New Creations Preschool

We know your kids are growing and changing—we see it every day! So we like to offer Fall and Spring photos to all of our classes. This is an opportunity for your child to have a photo session with a professional photographer, who brings his equipment and background to the school. You have no obligation to purchase photos, but if you see anything you like you can make a purchase.

We love our photographer, Jim Isaacson from Heritage Portrait Studio. He brings Bird every year—and returning students may not remember Jim, but they remember his bird.  Jim will put the bird on his head or on top of the camera. Then when Jim looks away, the bird falls. All the children laugh–a great way to get those non smilers to smile.

Since the kids love bird so much, we decided to have Jim photograph Bird with Brown Bear, the students’ take home buddy. Here they are, happily sitting on the Spring photos bench!


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