Brown Bear is well loved

photo 1I’m a very loved bear that gets lots and lots of hugs, sometimes this can make my stuffing come out. I’m also a very lucky bear as Teacher Penny knows how to do surgery on teddy bears! She really loves bears so she knows many things about us. So I went home with Teacher Penny, she got out her needle and thread and fixed me up just like new! She even let me drink some chocolate milk after surgery because he knows how much I love chocolate milk!

I have to say being in the classroom every day I’m amazed at what teachers can do! They not only teach children letters and numbers but also how to share and use nice words to each others. They makes snack. fix boo, boos and even give hugs (that’s my favorite part). They show children how to succeed by trying over and over until they get it right. They listen to what the children have to say and even play with the kids. I’m so lucky to be at New Creations Preschool with such wonderful teachers and students.

I’m a very lucky bear indeed!


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