Adventures of Brown Bear

I had spent some time at Gavins house before he brought me on the Lord’s Park Field Trip! I had to stay in Teacher Penny’s bag so I wouldn’t get lost but she let me peek my head out!

First the children and I learned about birds, I loved listening to the many sounds birds make. I was surprised to learn that birds make their nests from many different things such as yarn, easter grass and sticks. Penguins make their nest with rocks I think some of my bear friends might like those nests!

It was very exciting to watch the children gather things from nature such as grass, sticks and acorns to make bird nests with. They made some awesome nests!

Before we had snack Teacher Penny got me out of the bag and I got my photo taken with all the kids! That was exciting then we all ran over to the pavilion to have snack but the best part was playing at the park! photo (12)


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