The benefits of block play

Children love playing with blocks, but the best part is all the learning that is going on at the same time. Remember when we talked about cutting helping with eye hand coordination? Blocks do the same thing, since kids are using both large and small muscles together, which in turn is preparing children for success with reading and writing!

Math. While children are building, they are learning many math concepts such as shape, size, length and weight. I have heard children become very excited as they discover that putting two small blocks together they become the same size as the large block next to it!

Science. As children build they learn science concepts such as balance, stability, gravity, and cause and effect. When they build their towers, they must learn to balance those blocks and gravity may take over and bring it all down.

Teamwork. As children work together, they are building up their vocabulary, self confidence and decision making skills. While children learn to work cooperatively they also learn to appreciate and respect others’ ideas. This is what we call “Team Work” at New Creations, and I have to say it touches my heart every time I see it!  This is something children will use the rest of their lives as they go on to higher levels of education and out into the workforce. This is something we love to see happening in our own homes as the family works together to be the best they can be.

Who knew having so much fun could be so educational?


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