Star light, star bright: Our student’s wishes!

Last week, our letter of the week was “S”! So for our rhyme, we did the classic Star Light, Star Bright.

Star Light, Star Bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight

Each student decided what they wish for. Some shot for the stars, and some were happy with the littlest wishes! Enjoy a few of the kid’s wishes!

Leo: A lot of candy.
Tyson: Go into space and touch a star.
Jack: For a Dummy Mummy.
Autumn: For a pony and a horse.
Ruby: For a pink Wahoo dog.
Addisyn: For my mommy to hug me.
Sloane: For a poodle dog.
Alexis: For a beautiful birthday for me.
Ava: For speckled flowers.
Clarisse: For roller skates.
Crystal: For a strawberry cupcake.
Elijah: To go to the beach.
Jaimy: That I had flowers.
Jimmy: For a helicopter.
Lucy: For a Barbie Zip line Doll.
Mackenzie: For dollies and a castle and doll clothes.
Maya: For a kitty.
Nathan: For toys!
Ryan: For 2 bikes and a playhouse that I would fit in.
Sophie: For a mermaid.
Tristain: For a toy dinosaur.


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