Photo Tour: New Creations Redesign

We are so excited to present the newly redesigned New Creations room! To celebrate our 30th anniversary, we decided it was time for fresh paint on the wall, brand new carpet, and even new valances created by our very own Teacher Penny. Without further ado, we present the new room!

The first four pictures below take you on a counter clockwise tour of the room, beginning in the corner at the entrance nearest Teacher Penny’s office.

View from group time area with the dramatic play area behind:

View from sink of the snack tables, group and block area, and reading corner behind:

View from the dramatic play area, looking over the snack tables toward the group time area:

View from reading corner, looking over the snack tables and art area:

Closeup of art area and snack tables:

Closeup of dramatic play area:Stay tuned for a few more finishing touches! We will be getting a reading mural, and of course our fish tank will be returning. We can’t wait to start school next week!

We still have openings—enroll today to start on our first day this Tuesday or Wednesday!


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