Meet Brown Bear, our take home pal

This is Brown Bear. He can be silly, hungry, helpful, and sleepy, depending on the day. He can be an artist drawing pictures, or a princess in a castle, or a construction worker building blocks. In short, he’s a renaissance bear, capable of doing anything.

This is because what he does is up to the imagination of the preschooler who is lucky enough to bring him home for the day—and we have some imaginative students! Brown Bear is a favorite part of preschool for many of the children. He goes home with a different child every day, and then that child gives him a bath in the washing machine and brings him back to school the next school day.

And then comes our favorite part: that student then tells the class what Brown Bear did at their house. We love this sharing time and the Brown Bear tradition. It gives children a great connection between home and school, and also gives the children experience talking in front of their peers.

Here are some examples of Brown Bear’s adventures in the past few weeks only!

  • Kate said Brown Bear was climbing the walls at her house. All the children decided Brown Bear was being very silly.
  • Autumn said she and Brown Bear were playing castle, and Brown Bear was a princess.
  • Sloane said she and Brown Bear played with jewelry, but the necklaces where too big, because Brown Bear has a very small head.
  • At Jack’s house Brown Bear must have been very tired, as he caught up on his sleep. Jack said sometimes Brown Bear would snore. Brown Bear always gets so embarrassed when children tell others about his snoring, since the students think it’s so funny.
  • Brown Bear posed while Maddox painted a picture of him. Brown Bear also got to play with Maddox’s little sister, though she dropped Brown Bear on his head. Maddox made everything okay.

Hooray for Brown Bear!


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