Meet Brown Bear, Our Take-Home Friend

Meet Brown Bear. He can be silly, hungry, helpful, and sleepy, depending on the day. He can be an artist drawing pictures, or a princess in a castle, or a construction worker building blocks. In short, he’s a renaissance bear, capable of doing anything. Here, in fact, he is being quite stubborn, refusing to go down the slide in our play yard, when just yesterday he was the most excited to go down!

This is because what he does is up to the imagination of the preschooler who is lucky enough to bring him home for the day—and we have some imaginative students! Brown Bear is a favorite part of preschool for many of the children. He goes home with a different child every day, and then that child gives him a bath in the washing machine and brings him back to school the next school day.

And then comes our favorite part: that student then tells the class what Brown Bear did at their house. We love this sharing time and the Brown Bear tradition. It gives children a great connection between home and school, and also gives the children experience talking in front of their peers.

The students enjoy many inside jokes about Brown Bear. Many times children say Brown Bear slept with them, so Teacher Penny will ask if he snored. If they say yes, Teacher Penny takes his paws and covers his face, and says “Oh, I’m so embarrassed!” The kids all laugh at this. Brown Bear’s favorite cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios, because he likes honey just like Winnie the Pooh.

Here are some examples of Brown Bear’s adventures in the past few weeks only!

  • He enjoyed playing Zombies at Aiden’s
  • He watched TV with Chrystal’s family and had a bath in the washing machine. He was so happy he smelled so good!
  • Brown Bear played with toys and read books with Julia and her brother!
  • Brown Bear went to the vet with Autumn’s kitten Jasper and watched Jasper get her kitten shots,  Brown Bear was very happy he didn’t need to get any shots!  Brown Bear also played with string with Jasper. That was a lot of fun!
  • At Jaimy’s house Brown Bear watched My Little Pony he likes the unicorns the best! Brown Bear and Jaimy also went to the apple store.
  • At Alexis’ house Brown Bear watched Sprout TV and he liked Cailou the best!  Brown Bear and Alexis also looked at the clouds and found bears, Cailou, and smiley faces.

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