Let’s Make Books! Adapting lesson plans to suit the kids interests.

One of the best things about New Creations is the teachers, and how much they care about cultivating a love of learning. Here is a story from Teacher Penny a few weeks ago:

“My lesson plans took a turn in a different direction this week, as we took advantage of an interest that came up on Wednesday! Wednesday morning a child asked if he could make a book during free choice time. Once I made a book for him, others wanted to do this as well. So Wednesday afternoon after class, I made many small books to use on Friday.

We talked about what is on the cover of books including the author’s name, which each child was to put on the front of their books. They were very excited to know they could be authors as well as illustrators!

Every child found time to make a book. It was great to see how they took this very seriously. These books then became instruction manuals in the block area as well as story books in the kitchen area. At the end of the day, those that wanted to sat on the teacher’s chair and “read” their books to the class. It was awesome!”


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