Learn more about our new aquarium friend: Spidey, the Fire Shrimp

We added a new friend to our salt water aquarium, Spidey the Fire Shrimp. He is very shy—most of the time he is hiding under the rock (something all Fire Shrimp love to do!). The children love to check him out and catch glimpses of him. They say his white antennae look like spider legs. With his red color and spidery antennae, we’ve decided to call him Spidey. (The picture here is from the web—we just wanted to give an idea of what Fire Shrimp look like.)

We love our fish tank, which is a new way for the kids to learn about God’s amazing creation. Last week, the kids had the opportunity to see him shed his shell, which Fire Shrimp do when they are ready to grow larger. He will soon grow a new one.

Here are a few interesting facts about Fire Shrimp:

  • Fire shrimp love cleanliness. In the ocean, they set up cleaning stations where fish—even the fierce ones—come to have parasites picked from their skin. They even hang out around eel holes and will clean the eel’s head when it peeks out. In our tank, Spidey may provide cleaning services for his tankmates.
  • Fire Shrimp have 2 antennae, 3 body parts, and 5 pairs of legs. The long, thin antennae act as extended eyes.
  • When Fire Shrimp molt (shed their shells), they will leave them in view to distract predators while the shrimp hides and grows a new shell.

Stop by and meet our new friend, and also check out our new landscape!


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