Free Choice Time Spotlight: Language and Book Center

On most days at New Creations, for one hour each morning, the kids enjoy “Free Choice Time.” This free choice time builds self-esteem and confidence as they challenge themselves, learn, and succeed. Students usually choose between activities such as blocks, dramatic play, math manipulative (hands-on learning with counting, sorting, and puzzles), writing, reading corner, art table, and sensory media table.

One favorite area for Free Choice Time is the Language and Book Center. This area of the room contains books for children to select. Small groups of children may gather to hear a story read by a teacher or told by one of the children as they “play school” (always a cute thing to see). The area is also used after snack time. As other children are finishing their snacks, the children who finish take time to look at books.

A writing table is also a part of this area. All kinds of writing tools are made available for children to be creative with and develop those fine motor skills that are so important for writing. And anytime throughout the year, children may dictate stories to a teacher or parent helper. The children may then draw a picture to go along with the story if they choose.

In addition, language experiences occur and are extended throughout all the centers in the classroom. Questions are asked to stimulate thought processes and verbal communication. We often ask: “How does this work?”, “Can you tell me about what you did?”, “What do you think we could do?”, and “What will happen if….?”

All of these activities help build a foundation for later reading and writing.

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