Student’s Sunflower Makes the Hall of Fame!

Every year for Earth’s Birthday Project, we watch caterpillars grow through metamorphosis from caterpillars to chrysalises to butterflies. We also give each student a sunflower seed so they can grow their own sunflower. This exciting process teaches the students science and about the beauty of God’s creation.

The Earth’s Birthday Project presents the Sunflower Challenge every year, asking kids to grow a sunflower from a seed and submit their pictures at the end of summer. This year, one of our students took the challenge of growing a sunflower to a whole new level! Check out Jack’s sunflower as of the end of August. He submitted this picture to the Earth’s Birthday Project, and his gigantic flower made the Hall of Fame!

Earth’s Birthday Project hopes “to inspire wonder, learning and care for our Earth. Planting seeds and caring for plants as they sprout, grow and flower is a wonderful opportunity for hands-on learning,” according to their website. Check out his picture in the hall of fame! Way to go, Jack!



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