Field Trip to Lord’s Park

Field trips are always a fun time, as learning in new environments can make the subject more interesting. To make this possible we do need to shorten our day and drop off/ pick up will be at Lord’s Park!

This year we attended “I Speak for the Trees,” which is based on Dr. Seuss’ classic story The Lorax. Students learned why the Lorax tries to save the truffula trees. The Lorax teaches the students that we need to take care of all parts of our earth. Students learn why trees are important, what we need versus what we think we need, and how practicing the 3R’s can help us protect the earth.

We had a wonderful time on the field trip learning about trees and enjoying the nice but chilly weather! Students learned that it is better to use glass plates and cups as well as cloth napkins over paper to save the trees. The students may become aware of what is being recycled as well.

Outside we had an interesting lesson about the roots of trees. We made a circle around the tree then backed up to the end of the branches–this is how far the roots had grown.   It was amazing to think there were roots under the ground from where we stood all the way to the tree!

Thank you to the parent volunteers who attended! These were great field trips!


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