Calendar Time: Learning days, months, counting, and sequencing

Calendar Time may be a small part of our day, but so much learning takes place during this time! Toward the beginning of each class, we look at our calendar to talk about the day and date, as well as today’s weather.

First and most obvious, the children are learning the days of the week along with months of the year. Both the days of the week and months of the year along with yesterday, today and tomorrow are sequencing skills, as they must always go in the same order.

The children learn the concept of tomorrow much quicker then yesterday. Because tomorrow comes next, it is an easier concept to understand than yesterday, which we must turn back toward. Though they may not understand the concept of yesterday, having the “looking back” idea planted in their minds now will make it much easier to understand when they are ready for it.

During calendar time, they also learn their numbers and counting, which again is another sequencing skill. They learn to recognize these numbers. As we count each day on the calendar, they learn to recognize letters with all the printed material they are exposed to.

They also learn about different types of weather, as we decide which picture should be showing on the weather wheel. Not only do we decide what type of weather we are having, we then decide the proper clothes Sonny should be wearing for this type of weather.

It is hard to believe this much learning is going on during that short 5 minutes of the day!


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