New Creations Preschool celebrating 30 years in 2012

New Creations Preschool is celebrating 30 years in 2012. My brother is one of the original New Creations Preschool alumni—he was in that first class in 1982. He is 32 and will be 33 by date of the actual anniversary.

So the kids from his class are likely all 32-35 years old today. Like me, an alumni who attended 28 years ago, they possibly have a few cherished memories of their preschool days—looking for the first robin of spring, playing with beans in the media table, donning a New Creations smock to paint at an easel.

Thirty years ago, these kids’ parents bravely chose to send their children to a start-up preschool, which was bravely launched by members of Epworth United Methodist Church. They wanted to offer children in the church and surrounding community a safe, Christ-focused stepping stone from the toddler years to kindergarten. The wanted to tap into the little ones natural wonder and awe at everything around them—the little ones who see everything in God’s world, from the beans at the table to the first robin of spring, as a new creation.

It began as, and remains, an important ministry of Epworth. Over the years, a lot has changed—the teachers have kept up with the times, incorporating the latest and greatest ideas in preschool teaching. The playground has been updated with beautiful new equipment. Toys, room furniture, art supplies, and decor have all changed. And we are introducing a new, updated logo and a new website to celebrate the 30th year. But the core values of those who started the preschool have always remained—creating a caring, Christ-centered environment where God’s wonderful little ones can come to learn, explore, and discover all of the excitement that New Creations can offer.

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